Video: Sausage Rolls

As I mentioned before, I do a food segment on a YouTube collab channel called The Codex Omnis.

It’s awesome…mainly because of the six other people on there (Sophia, Audun, Alex, Aslak, Will and Anna).  Thing is, for as many different reasons, I haven’t been able to upload a video for the last three weeks, plus I was missing one from before, so I’ve got a month’s worth of videos missing.  My Internet sucks.  My timing sucks.  My laptop likes to shut down randomly while I’m uploading overnight.

I think I solved all the above problems by just uploading from a different computer, though, so hopefully I’ll be embedding a video here every once in a while.  Here’s this week’s!

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Miniblog: Tumblr!

More Than Eggs is now on Tumblr!

It’ll just be a mirror of this WordPress site, but Tumblr is more interactive and allows for more people to follow the posts, so I think having both is a good thing for now.  I’ll come back and reevaluate in a couple of months, but right now I’m pretty happy with it and the way it looks.

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Simplest Lime Curd | Lately

Things have been going a little less than swimmingly lately.  I won’t give you details because I don’t want the little smiling egg at the top of this blog to have to start frowning.

Today, I attempted to solve this problem by:

  1. Actually starting a bit of revision for my exams, which start in 24 days,
  2. Watching one and a half episodes of 30 Rock,
  3. Taking a nap when the time limit kicked in,
  4. Making this lime curd when I woke up,
  5. Putting it on toast.  Because, as I have said before, everything is good on toast.

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Milk Chocolate Truffles | Sneaking

So I finally saw The King’s Speech.  Wow.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Last Sunday was a good day for food.  The day before, I realized that we were watching the movie at 9:10 am (I know, but…cheaper tickets!), meaning we probably wouldn’t have time to buy snacks and bubble tea to sneak into the theater.  Solution?  Make some snacks of my own.

Chocolate truffles are easy to pop into your mouth during a movie and are sweet enough that you don’t feel the need to scarf (scoff?) them all down in one go.  And they’re easy to make.  Win-win-win.  The win starts with three bars of chocolate and some heavy cream.

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Miniblog: Sift Cupcakes

Quick iPhone post:

Sift makes awesome cupcakes. And giant macaroons. This one had tons of raspberries.

My friend’s s’more cupcake.

My chocolate-caramel cupcake. There was caramel INSIDE.


EDIT:  Just to clarify, I have no affiliation with Sift.  My friends and I just walked in and decided to buy some dessert and take pictures of it and say good things about it. 🙂

G/F Dominion Centre
49-53 Queen’s Road East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

46 Graham Street
Central, Hong Kong

22/F Horizon Plaza
Units 17-19
Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

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Egg-free Banana Muffins | e to the power of i times pi

I love my math class so much that I made us all banana muffins for our Friday morning lesson.  That and everyone else is bringing breakfast stuff.

We had a super-ripe banana lying around, and just too many other ones.

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Miniblog: Ranch Dressing

So I thought it might be an opportune moment for me to tell you how I feel about ranch dressing.  I love it. Like, collect-it-from-the-plate-with-my-finger-and-lick-until-I’ve-finished-every-last-drop love it.

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon.  We have some color-coordinated, sweeter-than-vegetables-should-be bell peppers lying around.  As I might have mentioned, I like ranch dressing.

How else can these things come together?

I have friends who don’t like bell peppers.  I don’t care.  All the more for me.  But if you find someone who doesn’t like ranch dressing, send them to me.  Let’s not speak of what might happen to them.

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