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Video: Ham, Egg and Cheese Crepes

Whew.  School’s over, exams are over, and all that remains is three glorious months of summery goodness.  (I’ll be posting pretty frequently for the next two months, hopefully at least once a week.  Next week’s video probably won’t be a recipe, so I won’t be posting it here.  I’ll do a traditional photo-and-comment type thing instead.)

I started it off with a new video over on The Codex Omnis:

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Video: Sausage Rolls

As I mentioned before, I do a food segment on a YouTube collab channel called The Codex Omnis.

It’s awesome…mainly because of the six other people on there (Sophia, Audun, Alex, Aslak, Will and Anna).  Thing is, for as many different reasons, I haven’t been able to upload a video for the last three weeks, plus I was missing one from before, so I’ve got a month’s worth of videos missing.  My Internet sucks.  My timing sucks.  My laptop likes to shut down randomly while I’m uploading overnight.

I think I solved all the above problems by just uploading from a different computer, though, so hopefully I’ll be embedding a video here every once in a while.  Here’s this week’s!

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