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Egg-free Banana Muffins | e to the power of i times pi

I love my math class so much that I made us all banana muffins for our Friday morning lesson.  That and everyone else is bringing breakfast stuff.

We had a super-ripe banana lying around, and just too many other ones.

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Thursdays are ‘cake days’ in my Chemistry class.  We don’t always bring in cake, but most Thursdays, somebody (sometimes our teacher) will bring in baked goods that we eat illicitly among jars of acids and organic solvents.  Part of my first introduction to chemistry was the Magic School Bus episode/book where they bake a birthday cake for Ms. Frizzle, so I always find Chem cake days pretty appropriate.

My contribution last week was a batch of mookies:  muffins that are still soft inside, but which have a crust so crunchy that they have to be known at least partly as cookies.  How did they come about, you ask?  I collated a bunch of different recipes to make a super awesome muffin, but neglected to factor in the fact that most of them called for wet fruits where I was using M&Ms.  Oops.

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