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Tofu Dango

I am a YouTube addict.  Speaking of, the Project for Awesome (p4a), organized mainly by Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green (wow, I think I’m setting a record for embedded links), is on RIGHT NOW.  Go.  Watch, spam, and generally do everything I’m not doing because as soon as I get on YouTube I won’t be able to get off and I really need to get rid of all the crap on my desk because my window is getting ripped out in two days.  (Which is why I’m blogging.)

Another YouTube channel I absolutely adore is Cooking with Dog.  It’s hosted by Francis, a gender-norm-challenging little poodle with the cutest accent ever, and his Japanese chef.  They teach you how to make awesome Japanese food (just click on that link for examples – you won’t regret it, unless you’re supposed to be doing something productive right now).

The first thing I ever made from their channel was tofu dango – basically glutinous rice balls made with tofu, served three different ways.  Since I’m Chinese, I have some experience with making glutinous rice balls (we call them 圓子 yuan zi or 丸子 wan zi, both of which mean ‘little round things’), especially during winter holidays like Chinese New Year.  The Japanese celebrate the new year on January 1st, though, so I’m posting this a couple of weeks in advance to give you time to source some glutinous rice flour!

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