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Candied Orange Peels | Commitment

The good thing about the internet is that you can make something your own so easily.  From the day I discovered Geocities (RIP) to today, I’ve probably set up (and abandoned) dozens of websites, blogs, emails and other social networking accounts.  There are very few I’ve truly stuck to, and although it’s too soon to say whether this blog is one of them, I’m already surprised at how committed I’ve been to it.  (This is probably a testament to just how big of a role food plays in my life.)  One of my less successful endeavors was Fruity Five, which I created in 2008 as a weekly blog of my top 5 items in various categories.  I wrote one post on my top five fruits (hurr hurr hurr) and either forgot about it or couldn’t be bothered to write any more.  Sigh.  The only remotely good thing that came out of Fruity Five was its header, which depicts the first piece of vector art I ever did on Photoshop:

Apparently, winter is citrus season.  I never knew that before I started reading food blogs, so I wonder how much of a social construct that is.  I do love limes like the one depicted in that header, but we eat a lot more oranges than limes at home.  My mom read somewhere last year that steaming oranges is a good idea.  I still question this, but it left me with a way to not throw away a nice, intact orange peel…

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