Miniblog: Woodhouse Fish Co.

My freshman year of college is over.

Well, I still have a take-home final to hand in, but I’ve packed up my room, said goodbye to all my friends, and flown off to San Francisco to hang out with my granddad for a few days before going home.

This has been, without a doubt, the best year of my life so far and it was really hard to leave it.

But having a fantastic seafood brunch at the Woodhouse Fish Co. helps a little bit.

Even though it’s May, which is a month that doesn’t have an R in it, meaning it’s not oyster season, the oysters we started with were pretty darn good.


The crab cakes were infinitely better than dining hall crab cakes…


And the lobster sandwich? Just look at it. Ummmf.


I am so full right now.

Woodhouse Fish Company
2073 Market St. (at 14th St.)
San Francisco, CA


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