Miniblog: Ranch Dressing

So I thought it might be an opportune moment for me to tell you how I feel about ranch dressing.  I love it. Like, collect-it-from-the-plate-with-my-finger-and-lick-until-I’ve-finished-every-last-drop love it.

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon.  We have some color-coordinated, sweeter-than-vegetables-should-be bell peppers lying around.  As I might have mentioned, I like ranch dressing.

How else can these things come together?

I have friends who don’t like bell peppers.  I don’t care.  All the more for me.  But if you find someone who doesn’t like ranch dressing, send them to me.  Let’s not speak of what might happen to them.


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One response to “Miniblog: Ranch Dressing

  1. sexaxelol

    Hey I’m in the exact opposite situation. I’ve got a friend who KEEPS ON eating bell peppers. and I don’t. and it’s just weird that she does. I don’t care. as long as she’s not near me when she’s eating them.
    but srsly, thank god she drinks bubble tea or else we really wouldn’t be friends.

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