Miniblog: Revamp!

Yeah, this blog hasn’t been around for a very long time, but the theme I was using before was a holiday theme and some aspects of it were getting on my nerves, so I figured that it was better to completely overhaul the layout and some other stuff (like changing tags to categories for easier sorting) sooner than later.

Nine days to Chinese New Year!  We’ve already started eating 酒釀圓子 jiu niang yuan zi (sweet glutinous rice wine soup with glutinous rice balls) and 馬蹄糕 ma ti gao (water chestnut ‘cake’ – more like a jelly-like dessert) in anticipation of an entire week (or more) of indulgence.

Have a good week!

Update – Jan. 27: we had 年糕 nian gao (glutinous rice ‘cake’) today.  These are the Cantonese kind, made with brown sugar, coated with egg and fried.  Mmm.


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