Like many high school students, I’m ridiculously difficult to motivate.  For a current example, let’s take the fact that I have exams for a week and a bit starting tomorrow and that I’ve spent a total of about half an hour studying.  (It’s a start!)

So what does motivate me?

Let’s think…

Making plans that I follow earnestly for about half an hour.  (Giant black markers are a plus.)

Lots of tea in awesome mugs.

Good music.  (Including The Shins, John Mayer, Michael Bublé, Claude Debussy, Philip Glass, Jamie Cullum and many, many more.)

The prospect of sleep.

And finally, food.  (Yeah, that’s supposed to be a heart.)

My first few posts on this blog will be stuff I’ve cooked before and happened to have pictures of.  After I use up my backlog, I’ll probably post less frequently – partially because, well, yeah, I get less motivated over time, but also because I don’t have time to cook and bake that often.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a post in every couple of weeks.

I’ll also be posting stuff about food I’ve eaten out.  I live in Hong Kong, so hang around if you want some information about restaurants here!

That’s all for now, I suppose.  I’ll queue my backlogged posts to go up weekly to start with.  And if you’re lucky (read:  if I’m not too busy sleeping), you might get a Christmas special!


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